Warehouse Assistants facilitate the receiving, organizing and shipping of products in a warehouse setting. 
It's not about people with a typical desk job. Factory assistants spend their days pushing products around the factory, and for long hours they have to be able to be on their feet. They also have to be able to lift boxes, so they have to have a certain level of physical fitness to succeed in this position. Warehouse assistants are primarily working in the supply chain management sector, but companies in nearly every field have warehouses that are partially served by warehouse assistants. Even online retail giants like Amazon rely on Warehouse Assistants for their orders to be delivered.

Warehouse Assistant Duties and Responsibilities

  • There are a lot of tasks that get done by Warehouse Assistants in a warehouse setting. We research a bunch of Warehouse Assistant job descriptions to come up with the following list of Warehouse Assistant duties and responsibilities.
  • Receive Shipments off the Truck
  • Warehouse Assistants need to be physically fit and be able to work at a fast-paced environment, as most warehouses receive shipments continuously throughout the day. This may include running machinery for pallet transport, which also includes experience in inventory control tools.
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