Places That Accept Bitcoin - Where To Buy Goods And Services With Crypto

The main motive behind any currency is to be able to spend it on any commodity of your choice on a day-to-day basis, but it has been a little bit difficult for people in some parts of the world to spend cryptocurrency for their day-to-day biddings. This is so because the crypto and blockchain industry is still in its infant stage and really needs to prove its ability to serve as a medium of exchange. However, there are a few places that accept Bitcoin as payment for goods and services.

Places That Accept Bitcoin As Means Of Payment

There are a lot of travel companies who offer services that are similar to one another and most of them have to make things easy in order to attract new and existing customers. Offering alternative means of making payments is an excellent way of doing this. Below is a list of companies where you can make your travel bookings using Bitcoin; CheapAir, Bitcoin Travel and Virgin Galactic.

Places That Accept Bitcoin

Online Dating Sites
A lot of people don’t like to pay with their credit cards on online dating sites most especially when they are not the known ones. It’s sometimes annoying to wake up on the first day of the month only to see that your initial subscription on an online dating site has been renewed without your permission. What do you think is the solution to this? If you ask me, I will simply say “pay with Bitcoin buddy”. There are a few dating sites that now accept cryptocurrencies in exchange for their services. Popular dating site, OkCupid started accepting Bitcoin as payment in 2013. 

When donating money to charity, it’s a common thing to pay huge fees when making payments. Some individuals or group of people may also want to make their donations anonymous due to one reason or the other. Making donations in Bitcoin is a great way of avoiding huge fees and also keeping your donations secret. Some organizations like Wikimedia Foundation and Wikileaks accept Bitcoin for donations.

Having a funeral can be tough and also expensive. Fortunately, people now have an option to pay for funerals using Bitcoin. Crescent Tide Funeral & Cremation, a funeral home located in Minnesota started accepting Bitcoin as means of payment for their services in late 2017.

Plastic Surgery
I want to believe that we have a lot of beautiful female readers here and they probably are not in need of a plastic surgeon at the moment. Nevertheless, we present to you Dr. Edward Domanskis. He is a plastic surgeon who has outlets across California. His organization is also one of the places that accept Bitcoin from his clients in exchange for his services.

I guess you’re still trying to figure this out, right? How would it look like if your pastor mounts the pulpit, picks up the microphone and says, ”it’s time to pay your tithe and offering, all you have to do is scan the QR code on the screen closest to you and make your payments”. It’s definitely going to be a big one for crypto enthusiasts. The Churchof St. John the Evangelist which is located in Goshen, New York started accepting Bitcoin donations in 2013.

Gift Cards
You would agree with me that the purchase of gift cards have been a very big part of Bitcoin-related transactions. It is arguably the easiest and most convenient way of buying products from both massive companies and small businesses with the use of cryptocurrency.
Some places that accept Bitcoin from customers in exchange for gift cards  are; Gyft, eGifter, Cryfter,, Instagift, and Fold App.

Firearm Dealers
Many retailers are beginning to accept Bitcoin for the purchase of handguns and rifles and this has made it much easier for people to get these items. FrontierTactical, a firearms manufacturer based in the United States is one of such companies who started accepting Bitcoin as means of payment for their products in late 2017.

Food Restaurants
It’s quite evident that cryptocurrency is also making headway in the fast food industry. Some Subway sandwich shops accept Bitcoin as payment for their fresh subs! There is also a franchise in Buenos Aires, Argentina that allows its customers to pay for their food in crypto. A couple of these food stores started accepting Bitcoin as far back as 2014 

Users can now deposit funds into their Microsoft accounts using Bitcoin. The deposited funds can only be used to purchase movies, games, and apps from the Windows and Xbox stores. They can’t be used to purchase products from the Microsoft online store. It’s also important to note that any Bitcoin funds deposited are non-refundable.

Shopify Stores
Shopify is an ecommerce website where merchants can set up their own online stores in order to sell their products. It is similar to eBay. All Shopify merchants got an option to start accepting Bitcoin payments with the help of BitPay in November 2013.

Learning Institutions
Tuition in universities is one of the huge expenses a lot of people pay for throughout their whole lives. The University of Nicosia, a learning institution in Cyprus was the first university to kick start a program known as “Master of Science in Digital Currency. You can pay your tuition fees in Bitcoin if you ever wish to study this course. Other learning institutions who also accept Bitcoin as means of payment include; Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, in Switzerland and Kings College, located in the United States. It’s very possible for more educational institutions to start accepting Bitcoin in future. 

Unfortunately, retailers who accept Bitcoin payments offline are very few. However, it is still very much possible for you to pay for goods and services offline. Just check around your neighbourhood and you might just be lucky to find them.

I want to believe you have been enlightened on some places that accept Bitcoin in exchange for goods and services. A lot of these outlets accept Bitcoin as a result of its high usage in the crypto industry (my opinion though). Nevertheless, nothing stops you from trying to convince a merchant to accept other crytos in exchange for goods and services. I once did that and it worked out for me.

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  1. Great information. I must commend you for the great job you are doing here on this blog.

    It's so good that there are a lot of businesses who now accept Bitcoin. This is surely a great step forward for the crypto industry.

    1. Ibrodex Crypto!! Thanks for the compliments. The blockchain industry will definitely change the way a lot of things are being done. What we have to work towards is mass adoption. There will be a time when every store you visit will accept crypto.

  2. When I got into crypto about a year ago, I used to think that cryptocurrencies might not eventually get used as much as the paper money on a day to day basis. I was wrong tho.

    It feels so good to see that a lot of individuals and businesses now accept crypto as a means of payment. The only way to go is up mehn.....